Milk Sharing Survey!
Have you given, received or facilitated the exchange of breast milk? Our friends Shannon Carter and Beatriz Reyes-Foster at the University of Central Florida are conducting a research study on breast milk sharing. They are interested in any and all experiences, including wet nursing, donating pumped milk, receiving pumped milk, and milk banking. Their broader study focuses specifically on milk sharing in central Florida, but they welcome participants from any location to take their survey. Any personal information will be kept confidential. The survey can be accessed here:


Questions? Contact Shannon at skcarter@ucf.edu or Beatriz at Beatriz.Reyes-Foster@ucf.edu.

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Breastfeeding Bag Distribution
It is common in the United States for some hospitals, obstetricians and pediatricians to give pregnant women and new mothers a gift bag. Most often, these gift bags are given to healthcare providers free from major infant formula companies. The bags contain coupons from various retailers, samples of infant-related items (such as diapers, wipes and diaper cream), information on parenting, and most importantly, items that promote formula feeding, including formula samples, infant feeding bottles, and formula coupons.

Sound scientific research shows that distribution of bags containing formula is related to lower levels of breastfeeding initiation and shorter breastfeeding duration than when bags containing information on breastfeeding without infant formula samples are provided .... Read More
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