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2 - Project Goals

What We Do:
1) Assemble and distribute Breastfeeding Bags that contain educational information and resources that support breastfeeding to pregnant women in the Central Florida area.
2) Provide a website where women inside and outside of Central Florida can access educational materials in English and Spanish and share personal breastfeeding experiences.
3) Offer free breastfeeding support groups in the Central Florida area.
Our Goals:
1) Provide every pregnant woman in the Central Florida area and beyond with a breastfeeding bag that contains valuable education and resources for breastfeeding.
2) Offer a resource hotline that pregnant and breastfeeding women in the United States can use to obtain education and verbal assistance with breastfeeding. The resource hotline will provide information about local resources to women in the Central Florida area.
3) Develop and implement a Peer Breastfeeding Counselor Certification Program to increase the number of Peer Breastfeeding Counselors in the Central Florida area and throughout the state of Florida. Peer Breastfeeding Counselors can provide assistance, information and access to resources to new mothers in their own communities, thus contributing to community development and sustainability.
4) Provide in-home lactation counseling for women in the Central Florida area who experience difficulty breastfeeding and lack transportation and other means to acquire assistance.
5) Build a resource clinic in the Central Florida area where pregnant and breastfeeding women can receive personal assistance from a qualified lactation specialist.