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Extreme Nursing Photo Competition 2011

Please submit a photo for our Extreme Nursing Photo Competition! “Extreme nursing” is open to your interpretation, and we look forward to your creativity. Some ideas we thought of are “advanced” nursing positions, silly nursing photos, or photos of nursing in a unique location.

The deadline for submissions is Wednesday, February 1, 2012. Voting will open Thursday, February 2 and last until Tuesday, February 7 at midnight (Eastern time). Everyone will vote for their favorite photo on a “poll” on The Breastfeeding Project Facebook page. Each person can vote only one time.

Two winners will be announced on Wednesday, February 8. The winner from the Central Florida region will be awarded a professional photo session from one of our photography partners. The winner from a location other than Central Florida will be awarded a Breastfeeding Project t-shirt.

To submit a photo to the competition, please email your photo as a jpeg attachment, a title of the photo, your geographic location, and a photo release statement to Shannon at .

View submissions here.
Here are a few examples we came up with:

The Buckethead Show
 Water Babies
Open Wide
Advanced Position
Super Soakers
Tandem Daddy
Baby Nursing Baby
Good luck and have fun!