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Breastfeeding in Everyday Life Photo Competition 2013

CONGRATULATIONS to our competition Winner .... SWEET SURPRISE
Thanks to all who participated and supported our participants! Such wonderful pictures and loving moms in our communities!

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Thanks to all the wonderful mamas who submitted a photo the Breastfeeding in Everyday Life photo competition. All the photos are amazing and capture life in wonderful ways. Thank you!

Small town in Michigan
My daughter is 19 months old, and I am trying to wean her, hence the title. She's my youngest out of three kids and the only one I have breastfed.
As you can see its gone exceptionally well the whole time. I don't regret my decision to keep going.

"All the stress of a day just melts away"
Daytona Beach, Florida

"Visiting Grandma"
Port Orange, Florida
Taken at Legoland in Winter Haven, FL on New Years Eve Dec 31, 2013

"Making It Work"
El Paso, Illinois
I ended up using the Lact-Aid SNS (Supplemental Nursing System) with my second child because she had an undiagnosed lip/tongue tie which caused chronic low supply. I found out that I was pregnant again when this daughter was only 3.5mos old, and my own milk was completely gone by the time she was 6 months old. We used the Lact-Aid to continue feeding donor breastmilk at the breast until she refused to latch at around 8 months because of an oral aversion caused by having her LT/PTT revised. It was quite a journey! I'm so glad the Lact-Aid gave us an almost "normal" breastfeeding relationship for a few more months than we would have otherwise.

Nokomis, Florida
52 year wise Mama with her One and Only Beauty, still nursing at age 3

"Silent moments however fleeting"
Edgewater, Florida
This is real everyday nursing for us, among clothes, diapers, and big sister's sunglasses.

"Trick or Treat"
Erie, Pennsylvania
Halloween celebrations at the Erie Zoo Boo

Orlando, Florida
He just ran up and started snacking!

"Kids got to eat, even if Mama's got to race"
Deltona, Florida

This is me breastfeeding my 2nd child between runs at the drag strip. I've long credited breastfeeding with my ability to easily continue to participate in a sport that I love. I've breastfed all 4 children while continuing to drag race. My car is one of the very fastest in its class, going 9.79 at 140 mph.

"Sweet Surprise"
Deltona, Florida

Enjoying every minute of my Sweet Surprise!! After brain surgery I never thought I could become a mom again. Not only I had a healthy pregnancy but
I am able to breastfeed my boy. 15 months and strong!!

"Quiet Moment"
Deland, Florida

Orlando, Florida

"Stay Hydrated"
Cayman Islands

"Bath Bosoms"
Orlando, Florida
Journey Grace is 7 months old and just couldn't wait until she was finished her bath for Mama's milk!

"Multitasking Mama! Everyday mama life"
Port Orange, Florida

"The start of something Beautiful"
Deland, Florida

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