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Extreme Nursing Photo Gallery 2011

My son at 3 1/2 nursing to sleep on a ferry back from Nantucket. I ended up nursing him to sleep until he was 5 1/2.
I loved every minute. Dagmar, Dagmar's momsense

Side-lying Tandem Twins 

Blueberry Picking

Extreme Multitasking
Austin, TX
This photo was taken the night before thanksgiving this year. My then 2 1/2 month old was breastfeeding in the sling while I was Facebooking and peeling and cutting the cores out of apples for apple pie.

 The Multi-tasking Mom with Technology
Central Florida

Halloween Hiker Feeding a Bear
Topanga, CA

Milky Pit Stop
Terrebonne, Quebec, Canada
This is me and my 25 month old son Caleb. 

No Excuses
San Diego, CA
In the middle of shooting photos for my blog post about working out with your baby my daughter got rather fussy.  Killed two birds with one stone: took care of my girl's needs and worked out my core muscles! 

Little Baby Big Breast
Salem, OH
This photo was taken in the midst of dealing with oversupply...cute little position to help keep Frankie from drowning!

Tandem Wearing with a Side Snack
Anaheim, CA
Bradley Teacher Training this winter

Tridem Nursing at its Finest
Alamitos, CA
I have no idea how to explain she'd need three nipples to accomplish this.

Labor Induction
Royal Oak, MI
Breastfeeding a three-year-old at eight months pregnant to try to induce labor after spontaneous rupture of membranes.

Tandem Stack
Royal Oak, MI

Just Nursing on the Beach
Boca Raton, FL
Nothing too extreme here - just sharing nursing pics :)

They Come in All Sizes
Sanford, FL
Just minutes old and nursing on a breast twice her size!

Advocacy con Bebe
Austin, TX
Nursing in Governor Perry's office in the Texas Capitol during a Planned Parenthood Lobby Day.  The sign said "No Eating or Drinking" but we're rule breakers :)

Hungry Baby While Rafting? No Worries
Orlando, FL
Discovery Cove, Lazy River

Which One is Bigger?
Houston, TX

 Unlateral Cleft Nursing
Burlington, VT
I am proud that I am able to breastfeed my son who has an unlateral cleft lip up until his recent surgery, and I had to train him to nurse all over again, when many mamas give up or don't try.  It took me patience and determination.  I think it's pretty extreme of me to face challenges of leaking milk from lips.

Nursing Babies All At Once
Waterboro, ME
This is my 2.5-year-old daughter Violet nursing her babies all at once.

Two Year Old Nursing Baby Doll
Bozeman, MT

Nursing Gnome
San Antonio, TX

Underwater Nursing
Huntsville, AL
Tennessee Aquarium with my 15 month old nursing while we walk through the beautiful aquarium.  Not terribly extreme, but I was proud of my capabilities!  Paddlefish in the background.

Suck It Cancer!
UPMC Hamot Hospital, Erie, PA
I was diagnosed with brain cancer in August 2010.  I immediately had two brain surgeries in the following weeks.  Working with the Lactation Consultants at the hospital, I was able to breastfeed my eighteen-month-old daughter through both surgeries and treatment.  Nearly two now, we still have a healthy breastfeeding relationship!

 Lunch Break
Winston, GA
Took a break during a little photo shoot.

Nursing in Snow
Vancouver, BC
Here is a photo of my son nursing outdoors while his big brother plays in the snow.

Breastfeeding Yoga Mama
Kauai, HI

First Time
Yume, AZ
New Year's Eve 2009.  It was the best New Year's Eve I ever had!

First Meal
Johnson City, NY
This is a picture of my son having his first meal.  I had just come from the recovery room after a cesarean and wasn't permitted to sit up.  The nurses left us there with no instruction on how to nurse him, just that we could.  So we got creative!

Sometimes Baby's Gotta Eat Even When Mama's Gotta Go!
(Thank Goodness for Slings!)
Melbourne, FL

Family Traditions
 Bradley, IL

First Vacation to California
Kissimmi, FL
Taking a break from playing in the park in San Francisco to have a quick snack.

Denton, TX
Apparently my breast is also a footrest.

Breastfeeding on the Operating Table
Winter Springs, FL
Here is a picture of me breastfeeding my fourth child during my c-section.  I was still cut open on the operating table!  They were in the process of stapling me back together.  I demanded that I feed my daughter as soon as she took her first breath.  They handed her to me and my husband within three minutes.  It was amazing.  Let your voice be heard - you do not have to wait to go into the recovery room to feed your newborn.