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Birth Stories
The breastfeeding relationship begins at birth.  The way a baby is born into the world often impacts how breastfeeding unfolds.  This page provides a space for mothers to share their birth experiences.
If you would like to share your birth story, please email it to

Breastfeeding Stories
We cherish the uniqueness of each individual's breastfeeding story.  Like birth, breastfeeding is often a monumental experience that encompasses body, mind and emotions, and can have a lasting impact on all individuals involved in it.  We hope you enjoy the stories that are shared here and we hope you will consider sharing your story.
If you would like to share your breastfeeding story, please email your story to .  We invite stories from mothers, fathers, partners, grandparents, siblings, children, or anyone who has been involved in breastfeeding.  We are also interested in poems, drawings and other artistic forms as they relate to breastfeeding.