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Missy's Story

About LaC-OOkie:
LaC-OOkies is exactly what is sounds like,
Lactation Cookies, we call it “OOkie dough”! We sell lactation cookie dough & ingredient kits and will be expanding our product line later in the fall. This
OOkie dough has ingredients in it that can help increase your milk supply.

I tried for three years to get pregnant, and after 5 failed pregnancies and a year of fertility treatment I wanted to experience all that being a mommy had to offer and for me that included breastfeeding. When I had my daughter Miya on 3/08/2013, she was slightly jaundiced and my milk wasn’t in yet. The doctors took Miya from me and only allowed me to see her and breastfeed her every three hours for thirty minutes at a time. The doctors made me supplement with formula because I wasn't producing enough milk.

I was desperate to help my baby get better and the only thing I could do was try to pump to give her what I could…only 2-15ml. I searched and searched for anything that could help me and finally came across lactation cookies. I asked my Grandma to make me some and I've been eating them very day since my daughter was 5 days old.

After some fine tweaking of the recipe to make it my own I started LaC-OOkie to help other mommies with supply problems. I'm happy to say Miya Marie is getting her milk from mommy! LaC-OOkie has been helping mommies in the Volusia county area give their babies the best gift ever…Mommy’s Milk!

We Make Them … You Bake Them